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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Food Trip in Cebu: IT(Park) is the Place to Be


Food Trip in Cebu IT Park

My older sister specifically told me that she wanted to have a food trip in Cebu.  Being a food afficionado that she is, I wasn't surprised.  I came up with a list of places where we could get the best food in town, the sought-after, the unique, local, very Cebu food.  After coming up with a list, I discovered that a good number of restaurants are found in IT Park.  So I figured to go there and taste different kinds of dishes.   Jumping from one far location to another will not only cost us some money but will also eat up our time, which was something we didn't have on our side.

Casa Verde

First we went to Casa Verde, known to serve the best steak in town.  When we got there, we didn't order the steak.  Now realizing this, I'm wondering why.  And then I remembered that my siblings protested when I recommended it to them.  Reason was, they already knew what a steak tasted like.    So we went for meals that sounded quirky or unique.  We ordered watermelon salad, and another weird sounding dish.  My sister, brother and I started critiquing the food, like we're some food experts.  All of us were happy but not full, trying to save space for more food.  Before heading out, my brother ordered a huge burger.  He ordered it because it was huge, like pizza huge.

Casa Verde Menu
 The Casa Verde has an old American atmosphere to it.  This actually reminds me of TGIF's ambiance.  I think what differs is the serving.  Here the serving is smaller.

Watermelon Salad
Brother and BURGER

La Marea

After which we took a few steps going to La Marea coffee shop which was literally just at the back of Casa Verde.  Now this place is known for its desserts.  As soon as I check the counter, I was surprised and disappointed to find a suman lined up with the rest of some intricate and yummy looking desserts.  Now, it wasn't at par with the rest and I thought that it should be removed.  But come to think of it, I shouldn't let my eyes fool me.  God knows there might be chocolate inside the suman or some kind of weird special twist that made it worthy to be part of the menu.  Hmmm, well that I need to know and find out next time I visit Cebu.

The Star of the Show. The Crowd Pleaser. The Winner.

We asked the staff to give us their 2 most popular choices.  Those were the mango cake and choco loko moko cake.  The chocolate was mindblowingly good.  The cake was preheated and was served with a vanilla ice cream on top.  The contrast of hot and cold was just exciting.  The concept was just so simple but it worked like magic. The mango cake was good too but since the chocolate cake set the bar high, it was just ok. has came up of a list of restaurants in IT Park.  Four pages of restaurants?! Now we're talking!

Happy Food Trip!


Spot a Leopard said...

Casa Verde's Brian's Ribs is a must try. Of all the branches Casa Verde's got, the best in terms of serving size and ambiance is in IT Park

Anonymous said...

I disagree about Casa Verde. The servings are definitely a lot bigger than 99% of restaurants in Cebu

Shy said...

SpotaLeopard: Yes we should try to get some next time. :)

xylem said...

WoW! I'm drooling just looking at the pictures all of a sudden i'm so hungry right now. =)

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