Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

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An Epiphany at 3am


It's 3:04am.  Everybody is asleep and the only noise I could hear is the blowing of the fan and the barking of neighborhood dogs.

I woke up because of a dream.  Without spilling information, I have found my answer through it.  Although I am well aware of what the truth his, somehow my consciousness forces in a fantasy on how I wished things should be.  The infamous what could have beens, and what if's.  I understand it's a total waste of thought space, time and emotions to be thinking about these things, but somehow these thoughts had gotten my heart hooked, tied and lock down.  Is there any way I could get away with this easier?  

And then an epiphany landed on me easily, comfortably and cleanly, immediately after all the rundowns of thoughts on regrets.  This practice of walking down memory lane and skimming through the ifs and buts are nothing but distraction.  It robs me of resources that I need to have to get myself moving forward and in purpose.  It could be, what they say, a work of the enemy.  And so I before I would immerse myself over an idea, I would have to ask myself 3 things: if it serves me, if it serves God, if it serves mankind.  If it's not, then it's a total waste of my time.  

I just thought of sharing this to you before I forget it.  I'm literally typing with my eyes half closed.  So I guess that's it.  I'll doze off again.


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