Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Friday, April 13, 2018

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Empowerment Through Art: An Art Exhibit for a Cause for Batis AWARE and YOGHI

Last April 6, I attended an art exhibit called the Empowerment Through Art: An Art Exhibit for a Cause.  It is for the benefit of Batis-AWARE, a nonprofit organization that empowers immigrant women who experienced abuse and human trafficking as well as Batis YOGHI a sister NGO, which fights for the rights of Filipino Japanese children who suffered several forms of discrimination.  The President of Batis, Yllang Montenegro, also happens to be a featured artist for World Pulse.  She was among the artists who exhibited their work at Ignition Venture Studio.  Showcased there were beautiful oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings done by Anthony Quiling Jandusay, Aljay Andrew Sanglap Montenegro, Jonalyn Delos Reyes, Nova Hershey Barbaran, Laura Fermo, Riza Zuniga, Wenzel Alibin, and Elvin Zuniga.

In that exhibit, I have come to know the cause and was taken aback as to how real the human trafficking, discrimination and women abuse situations are as I get to see and hear the speeches of women who have gone through such difficult ordeal.  It was only then that I got to see the heart and the message of the event which was for me is Hope.

Some women who are part of the Batis AWARE became artists themselves and have used art as a therapy for them to heal.  Although it was said that healing may take time, it is through this expression on canvas that they can relieve their pain.  For every stroke could mean a gram taken off their load.  Though admittedly, artists wouldn't portray the truth as is, they tend to hide their messaging behind the beauty of the art.

It was not only an eye opener on issues dealt by these women but for their children as well.  The Batis YOGHI which fights for the discrimination of Filipino Japanese children, also aired out the difficulties that they face.  There was a lot of problems that I wasn't really aware of but has become enlightened by now thanks to this exhibit.  Surely there are still a lot of fights to fight.

Healing may take time for these women and children, but as long as there are NGOs like Batis-AWARE and YOGHI - where people who have the same pains could find comfort and support from one another - there could be more Hope for faster recovery, and for a better life ahead.


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