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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

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My Dear Friend Just Died


My friend from nursing school just died.  There I said it.  It's as if the times that we had shared laughter together wasn't that long ago, although thinking about it, it was more than a decade ago.  But I have kept my memories of him alive.  My kuya Erwin was like the older brother I never have.  My nursing family was and is like a 2nd family to me.  Being the youngest in the batch and in the group, I felt they were protective and loving of me and I was and still am grateful for them for the wonderful memories we had together.  Although our duties were quite challenging since we had to juggle work, family and studies, we kept ourselves entertained by just being together.

I remember the days when we have to cover for each other's missing apparatus or the days that we have to share  each others answers during exams.  I know I know it wasn't something I'm proud of knowing that I never get to cheat during my college years, but I really didn't mind helping out my group mate.  We were just like that.  We were a team and that's really how it was, and hopefully how it still is.

I remember the times that we treat our CIs to eat outs, or drinks after duty.  It was something I look forward to since we always get to feel comfortable around each other.

I remember the times that we had karaoke and discos. It was one of those memories that I get to treasure for the rest of my life and knowing that one of them is gone just breaks me.  I really have never thought of death, and life and it's just sad that we only get to think of it when someone dies.

Right now I am torn, feeling sad about the passing of my friend as well as worried about my own life. Have I really used it well?  Have I lived it well?  What kind of effect would I want to have in this world?  These questioning brings me back to the goal I have set for myself not long time ago and that is to spread positivity and light to as many people through my God-given talents and abilities.  And that should be a great motivation for me to be enthusiastically pursuing what I had been pursuing all along.  This time with more conviction, more urgency, more life, more love, and more purpose.

Thank you Kuya Erwin for giving me this perspective and boost when I need it the most.

Kuya Erwin, thank you for your life.  Your laughter, life, and energy was and is such a blessing to me and to the people whom you have touched.  I am sorry that I wasn't there when you had to go through a serious sickness, I didn't know.  I am sorry that I didn't get to pray for you and for your family, I just didn't know about the news.  But know that I appreciate you so much and I am sending my love and prayers to you in heaven.  We love you and will always have you in our hearts.


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