Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Salesladies are Crazy.

Being in the city makes malls the only place to go to find happiness.  Well of course that's not true, but at some point it is.

I don't know with you, but I go straight to the department store.  Why? well one, they sell cheaper items.   Oh well, actually that's the only reason I could think of right now.  With the trip fast approaching, I really don't have any budget to splurge.

Besides, department store salesladies are less aggressive than the ones in stores.  But anyways all sales ladies are alike.  They could get pretty pushy.  I especially don't like it when they start to follow you like they become your "shadow".

There was this one time I got in a boutique shop.  Pretty simple one, a small one too.  The moment I got in, she stepped forward and positioned herself a meter behind me, following me wherever I go.  When I started to feel awkward because I know that I don't have the most attractive behind, oh well you know it matters! hhaha, but seriously, a lady following you wherever you go?  Isn't that irritating?  Not to mention, the pressure you feel.  The pressure to purchase something.  So of course, I was pretending to like the items.  Touching. Reading.  Yes, faking to be interested.  I moved on, made a full circle, with my shadow tagging along, of course, and headed my way out of the store.  That was pretty funny.  What if I'll do the gangnam dance? Will she follow too? hahaha...  Well I might try that once and see how she'll react.

And you know what's more annoying?

They suggest the most crazy item they have.

Like that girl who suggested a very long maxi dress for me?  Really? For a pint-size woman.  That dress would fit 2 me, on top of each other.

But you know what gets me?  It's when they start to ask you directly

"What are you looking for?"

Oh my gosh!  Woman, I am looking for an ax to slice you in half so you'll shut up and leave me alone!  But of course I don't say that.  I just politely smile and say.

"It's ok. I'm just looking around."  

Yes I'm looking around for something sharp that is.

Kidding aside.  Seriously, if we need their assistance we will ask for them.

So if I'm looking around, and I don't have any intention to buy, I ask for a very specific item which is likely something that they don't have, saleslady would sadly confirm after looking around for a bit.  And I would act disappointed, move on and head out. :)

Easy breezy! ;)


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