Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Visiting Rizal in Calamba

The clock is 15minutes past 12noon, and I'm still in the bus going to Los Banos, my destination for the day.  It took me some time to get myself out of the house and go on my way.  Blame it on my indecisiveness.  Let's just say I had already decided to go and present, there was this part of me which preferred to just stay at home.  I wasn't all in the idea.   It was just a bonus anyway, and I had already passed the presentation the night before.  So I took my time changing up my top, putting on another layer of powder. and left 30 minutes before the time that I should have been there.  So what happened? I didn't make it.  The presentation was from 10:30am to 12noon.

No point on going all the way to Los Banos then, so I figured to just go down at Calamba and drop off SM Calamba.  A number of passengers went down the bus already, I figured I should too.  The bus door closes and was moving far away from it.  I should go down then and walk my way back to SM.  Then it was already blocks away.  So I told myself, I'd go down the next mall.  I saw Puregold at the left side of the National Highway, but it looked so small, there wasn't much to see there, then thankfully at the right, I saw Figaro. Perfect! I got down just few meters away from the guy who intended to go down at Puregold.

New plan was read a book and drink coffee. Double perfect.  Explore the place when it's not so hot.  So I did.  I took pleasure sipping in some "cold" latte with few cubes of ice floating almost fading away fast, and doubly disappears as I stir the drink with my straw.  For 140 bucks I expected more from this drink.  It seemed that they were running out of ice because apparently there wasn't any electricity so I had to make do with a place with no air condition.  The only consolation amongst all these is that the tiles in the store was deliciously beautiful, more like the one I saw in Marikina's church, with Mediterranean patterns painted in green and yellow, finished off with a Matte layer.  It was simply art on the floor.  I was reading, at the same time taking glimpse at the floor and reveled in the magnificence of it, thinking to myself again and again that that's definitely going to be the tiles on my dream house, the same thoughts I had the first time I saw it at the church.

With my cellphone shutting down because I failed to charge it last night, I resort to going at the nearest computer shop to call off another meeting I have planned to go to at 3pm in Ortigas.  It was some maum meditation discussion offered free by an enthusiast at meet  I left a private message hoping she had read it even before going out of her place to meet me.  When that was done, I then opened google and typed in the search box: places to go in calamba.  It didn't take me long to find out that Rizal's place and the church where he was baptized were nearby.  Ok so I had my destinations, now what to eat? Surprisingly there wasn't anything that was presented to me that's authentically from Calamba.  In fact, I was disappointed that the first entry was but a famous Chinese resto,  Few entries after that are vietnamese and thai.  What is happening?  So I forgot about the food and logged out and started my way to the Jose Rizal Shrine.

Image Source: lakadpilipinas

Image Source: Wikipedia

When I got there, I was of course excited.  The floor inside was the same ones you'll find at old museums.  Red, square this one has apparently encaved more than the other ones I saw. This one feels authentic. Promising. I smiled and silently congratulated myself for turning a disaster to another adventure.  Good job shy!  There were coins with his face on it.  There were some medals of some sorts.  Some writings of his on the wall.  Not original but blown up ones.

Image Source: Marili
 When I went upstairs, I saw some ropes limiting people to get a more intimate distance to the chairs, and beds displayed.  Even from afar, I knew that those weren't really old relics.  They may have some vintage flair into it, but I doubt that these belongs to the original house of the National hero.  I frowned, but at the same time found it funny that other people were excited about it, taking selfies here and there. I felt wise enough not to.  Why would I? These aren't even original, I hurriedly walk past from room to room, every room just confirms my suspicion. Then I went down and finally out of the house.  Well that was a disappointment, I hope the church isn't.

Image Source: nicerioadventures

So just across the street, I got in the church.  Before that I saw this guy, with broken wrist, his right hand seemed to be hyperflexed in a strange way, it looks definitely twisted oddly.  He was limping his way towards a faucet found at one of the 2 candle ponds.  The one you find where there was 3 row of circular metal bwire which holds in candle stands.  Immediately below it is a pond  with melted wax in different colors, taking shapes in some kaleidescopic array.  The guy gave me an eerie feel, like some kind of the hunchback of notre dame.  I swore I might have stopped on my gait on the sight of him.  I hope he didn't see the shock on my face.

I tried to compensate my shockness with me continuing my pace inside the church and ignoring him as if he was normal.  I should have done better.

It's the same feel that any old churches has.  Same elements with a bell tower and same old architecture. It just seemed more dark near the altar.  I wanted to go near but the benches aligned in a straight row barricaded the pathway.  Looking afar, I saw a janitor mopping the floor near the altar.  It was probably general cleaning day.  So I prayed along with 2 other locals praying 4 , 10 bleachers behind me.

This day wasn't disastrous over all.  It does pay to be kind to self ad open to other possibilities.  I should continue this.  I took a deep breath, smiled and look once more at the Jose Rizal Shrine and left.

But I wish I wasn't so judgemental and critical about everything.  I would have stayed in their a little while longer because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be back in that place anymore.

This teaches me to just enjoy and appreciate the things as they are. 



Neil Alvin Nicerio said...

Hi Shy,

I'm Neil Nicerio of The Backpack Adventures (

I just dropped by to say hi. Nice blog btw. =)

More power to your blog!

Shy said...

thanks for dropping by Neil. Always great to be appreciated by a fellow blogger especially coming from you who, base on your site, have a pretty good following.

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