Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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The Best HotSpring Resort Near Manila


Yesterday was one awesome day.

I've been craving for a break, a relaxing time and I definitely got served after experiencing an invigorating dip in the hotspring at Sol Y Viente. It's not a natural hotspring but it's not all that bad especially when the location is at the hilltop with one view  facing the mountains studded with trees, while the opposite a view of laguna and the laguna bay.  I mean, nothing could any better than that.  And can I just point out the fact that we had 2 big pools and 2 hot springs for ourselves?

The best part here was I, along with John were enjoying the jacuzzi hotspring, sitting under a corner in a shade of a tree.  He was enjoying his nap at one side and I was reading a book.  I mean, can you just visualize that kind of luxury that only costs us P300 each?

At first the idea of a hot spring on a hot day wasn't really a good one.  But thank God for the shade and thank God for the cool winds, which made the experience 100 times better.  Things got even better when it turned 1pm because the sun wasn't really blazing anymore.  All we had were the cool winds from the forest, a fantastic laguna bay view, an unfaltering shade, bubbles massaging our bodies, the heat of the hotspring.  Everything was embracing us and we were embracing back by being in the moment of perfection.  The only thing that irked us was the old disco music the cafeteria guy was playing.  It was ruining the experience that we had to ask him to change it which he did but was still useless as he was playing new hip hop beats.  We were looking for jazz, some blues or anything instrumental.  But I think that would just bring us to sleep, which wasn't really good considering that we were both sleepy and half our bodies were submerged under water.

I wasn't able to take photos as I've learned that I had to enjoy the moment more as opposed to me just clicking the experience away.  I think I have gone overboard and now realize that I should have taken at least one pic just to summarize what the place is about and also to serve as a souvenir of that unforgettable moment.

Anyways, like I say, I'll do it next time then.  


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