Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Because I Can Lip Sync

I had to seriously contemplate whether to post this one or not... because... I just looked too silly here.  But yeah whatever.  It's all for entertainment baby! :)

It was 7-ish  in the morning and was waiting for our tour guide to pick us up.  And then... I got bored.  
This is the result of my happiness.  It didn't rain during our Ilocos trip.  Great weather ahead.  Yes!

This one below is the product of my boredom.

And you know this video screams AWKWARD!

See that shadow on 00:28, that was my brother's shadow, who was already peeping in to check where the loud sleezy music was coming from.  And for the sleezy music? Well, I'll just keep it to myself... hahahaha... This had been my theme song recently... Even inspired to make a painting out of it. See here! :)

Anyways, that's life mah maaahn! 

No Regrets, only lessons learned.


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